Who we are

Who we are

LMCA is the brand name and signature of a professionals alliance that provides consulting services and assistance in various areas of law of interest to individuals and businesses.

LMCA offers clients an integrated range of legal services, ensuring multi-disciplinary management of work carried out by its professionals as well as an established network of external partners.

The agile and functional organization of LMCA provides a cost-conscious approach to the problems of management, by building tailored working groups.

Our daily work within business organizations to support their internal functions and activities (corporate administrative bodies, commercial transactions, HR, Legal Affairs) and our knowledge of business processes, allows the professionals from LMCA to provide clients with timely answers targeted to the solution of the issues addressed, in line with all stages of decision making and management within the company.

Our main target is to provide legal services that are instruments for the prevention or reduction of liability as well as present and future cost (arising, for example, from defaults, litigation, tax or criminal proceedings).

In addition, LMCA works with accountants and business consultants, by means of which it is also able to offer advice in the areas of fiscal, financial statement analysis, budgeting, planning and corporate restructuring.

LMCA services are addressed to corporate clients, private, non-profit organizations, associations and foundations.

Its main clients are multinational corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises dealing in oil & gas, energy, manufacturing, packaging, equipment for defense, agriculture, communication and advertising, large scale retail trade, automotive, rail transport services, engineering, private health services.