Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Company law

LMCA provides advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of corporate law. Specifically, it assists companies in their choices dealing with legal matters; performs checks regarding civil and criminal liability of individuals representing corporate bodies or acting on behalf of companies; assists such individuals in litigation.

LMCA offers advice on the establishment, governance and operation of all kinds of companies and joint ventures, the relations between companies and their shareholders, directors and supervisory bodies, and the preparation of shareholders agreements .
It provides advice and assistance to companies in drafting and implementing the specific Corporate Organizational Model for the prevention of crimes (MOG) pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001; LMCA professionals participate as external members of supervisory bodies established according to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Commercial Law, Contracts and International Business Transactions

LMCA provides advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of commercial law. Specifically, it follows the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements of any kind with regard to business operations on both national and international level.

Moreover, the professionals from LMCA have gained extensive experience in national and international negotiations, as well as daily assistance to corporate clients. The knowledge of internal business dynamics allows LMCA’s partners and associates to give prompt and effective support on all commercial contracts during their negotiations, drafting, closing, execution, as well as any litigation matters related to the same.

Specific importance is given by LMCA to the drafting of Purchase/Sale General Terms and Conditions and the negotiation of those proposed by counterparties to a contract.

Labour law and industrial relations

The professionals of LMCA Labour department have specific experience and expertise in labour law. They support corporations in dealing with all kind of employment contracts, agency contracts as well as other business relationship on a collaboration and self-employment basis. They also provide legal advice on the protection of company assets, specifically through confidentiality and non- competition agreements, and privacy in the relationship between employer and employee.

Furthermore LMCA Labour department provides daily assistance to corporations with regard to labour issues concerning operations such as transfer of business, mergers and acquisitions, and outsourcing. In addition, it supports the HR in the reorganization and management of redundancy, providing advice on collective layoffs and access to other social security benefits.
LMCA Labour department provides assistance before all Courts in all litigation matters relevant to labour and agency contracts.
It assists employers in negotiation and drafting of collective employment agreements with the trade unions. Finally, it organizes training programs for HR specifically focused on the continuing changes in labour law and jurisprudence.

Litigation and Arbitration

LMCA professionals regularly represent clients before all Italian Courts, including the Italian Supreme Court, the State Council and Constitutional Court, with regard to all litigation and proceedings.
Specifically, senior partners of the firm have extensive expertise in dealing with all commercial, civil, labour and administrative disputes as well as in bankruptcy, tax, corporate criminal law, competition law and intellectual property proceedings.

LMCA professionals also have remarkable experience in representing clients in arbitration proceedings as well as being part of arbitration panels.
They are also strongly committed to promoting all forms of early dispute resolution (EDR) and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).


LMCA operates in the Privacy and Data Protection area.
It offers, particularly, assistance and advice in the drafting and revision of the related company documentation (e.g. informations, policies), in the drafting of agreements (e.g. data processing agreements) and, in general, in the evaluation of the lawfulness of data processing.
In this context, it provides its services to client companies, also supporting, on a continuous basis, the company privacy officers in their activities of observation, verification and organization of the management of personal data processed by the company, in order to ensure compliance with the complex legislation on the subject and thus protect the data controller.

Intellectual and Industrial Property, Competition Law

LMCA professionals provide advice and assistance with regard to intellectual and industrial property matters, including the protection of know-how and trade secrets, the negotiation and execution of licensing contracts, development agreements, and confidentiality agreements.
They also support corporate clients in the procedures of registration of domestic, EU and international trademarks before the competent authorities (UIBM, OHIM and WIPO) including the opposition and invalidity of registration proceedings.

LMCA moreover supports their clients in judicial, arbitration and extrajudicial disputes on unfair competition matters. They carry out internal investigation to verify the compliance with competition law and represent clients before the competent Independent Administrative Authorities (AGCM, AGCOM, CONSOB, etc.). Finally, LMCA professionals have extensive experience in dealing with the negotiation and execution of agreements for the transfer of television rights on cultural events.

Criminal law (commercial, fiscal and environmental), prevention of offenses pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001

LMCA professionals provide assistance and advice to clients in relation to alleged offenses, particularly with regard to crimes related to business activities in commercial, tax, urban planning and environmental issues.

Moreover, they have specific expertise in the realization of procedures for all legal entities aimed at crime prevention, and particularly in the preparation and drafting of models of organization and management for the prevention of crimes (MOG) pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.
They also represent clients in criminal proceedings.

Civil law

LMCA provides advice and assistance in all areas of civil law including property law, transfer and lease of residential and commercial real estate, inheritance law, family law, non-contractual liability.


LMCA professionals provide advice on all aspects of business and financial restructurings as well as bankruptcy procedures.
They also provide specific assistance to clients in negotiation with creditors in order to avoid insolvency procedures and liabilities and legal actions against corporate directors and supervisory bodies.

Administrative law

LMCA provides advice and assistance in all areas of administrative law relating to contracts awarded by any public entity for the making of public works or for the purchase of any materials or supplies, urban planning, environmental issues.

Tax law

LMCA provides assistance with regard to all tax matters and represents its clients before Italian tax judicial authorities and Courts, including the Supreme Court.
Thanks to the cooperation with qualified specialists in the field of tax assessments, LMCA may assist clients in pre-litigation procedures and negotiations with domestic tax authorities.

Scientific events and training

LMCA organizes educational events, training courses, seminars, conferences, with reference to all its areas of expertise and activity.