Pamela Lidia Chiello

Pamela Lidia Chiello

Senior Associate - Rome

She provides assistance and consulting, both in and out of court, to individuals and organisations on labour law and industrial relations.

She possesses considerable professional experience on a variety of topics involving personnel management, and specifically: employment contracts, individual and collective terminations, access to social buffers (furloughs, procedures of flexibility), disciplinary procedures, plus contract law in general (contracts for projects and services, internships and apprenticeships, pacts of non-competition etc.) and the safeguarding of company assets.

She provides daily assistance to small and medium-size enterprises, including professional consulting on transfers of companies or company branches, mergers, split-offs and acquisitions, as well as operations involving the termination of employment contracts or the assignment of employees to or from abroad.

She oversees litigation throughout Italy, including interlocutory measures, on matters involving salaried, semi-subordinate and freelance employment, in addition to handling disputes with unions.

She has experience in dealing with unions, assisting employers with negotiations and with the drafting of the related agreements.

In the course of her professional activities, she has established and maintained relations with small and medium-size enterprises, including international organisations, in the pharmaceutical, commercial and telecommunications sectors, providing them with direct, in-house legal consulting.

Before joining LMCA, she worked with other professional firms specialised in labour law and industrial relations.

She earned her law degree in October of 2010 from the University of Naples, Federico II Campus, and the title of Doctor of the Legal Profession in 2012 from the University of Rome, La Sapienza Campus.

Via Ovidio, 32 - 00193 Rome